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Alonzo Brunn

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Alonzo Brunn is a hip hop artist from Binghamton, NY. Zo has been making music professionally since 2015. After being influenced by his parents to use music as a way to tell his story Zo released his debut EP "Hello Rap Game" in July 2017. He followed up this impressive effort with three official projects in 2018 "Summer in Space", "Hello Rap Game 2" and finally "Prodigy" in October 2018. Zo didn't just focus on his solo career he appeared on a variety of features consistently working with artists like Zavier Taylor, Kev Hunnit and Anthony Kannon. Zo has started to create a name for himself in the Binghamton area but with success comes hate which is something Zo seems to deal with more often than not due to his confident attitude. In December 2018 Zo released a song titled "Love is Love (KJ Woolfork)" A song dedicated to a friend who had recently taken his own life. Zo continues to use his music to tell his story and despite mentioning a possibility of retiring in the near future Zo plans on releasing a collaborative project with Kev Hunnit this spring. On February 20th Zo released his first track of 2019 a track titled "Brunn" featuring the serious storytelling side of Zo that often sets him apart from his peers. 

Zo's latest release is a new track he debuted on Soundcloud Feb. 20th titled "Brunn".

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