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Yungbul Fendi talks 'Foot in the Door'

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Yungbul fendi talks with Upstate Aesthetic about his latest project 'Foot in the Door'

Yungbul Fendi is a rap artist from Binghamton NY who recently dropped his first project ‘Foot in the Door’ on February 22nd. You can find that album on Spinrilla with a link at the end of the interview. Fendi not only has a lot going on with music the artist is also going to be attending Alfred University in the fall. Fendi is a student athlete who despite dropping his album this February spent a majority of the fall focused in on football. “during the football season all my focus was on the sport since i was the captain of the defense and this was my last season I didn’t want any distractions because is a mental game just as physical feel me.” Fendi is a major force coming out of Binghamton with a lot of hype behind this mix-tape before it came out. Some of the hype for this project could be attributed to the work put in by his label the Moneymakerz. A group started by his uncle however when his uncle passed, Fendi made it into a label to preserve his legacy. “Moneymakerz is a family, my dad and god bless the dead, my uncle started it and to keep his legacy alive I made it into a label, key members is my cousin Tziah always supporting and pushing me, making sure I don’t stop with the music as well as my ThotLord brothers…” Fendi has been working on this project for some time. After taking some time off in the fall to focus on sports he finished the album up before releasing it in February. Following the release Fendi has plans to work with other artists in the area outside of the MoneyMakerz group. “I want to work with bless, Jdot, ant gz and NMG” Fendi took his time finding the right beats and choosing the proper songs for this project. He spent plenty of time working with Chizemixedit who engineered the entire mixtape. During his live podcast Chize and local Savage Entertainment Dj, Reggie Leaver complimented Fendi for the work he has done locally to create a brand for himself. Chize explained on his podcast,

“Fendi treats himself like an artist all the way around the board.” - Chize

Fendi carries himself like a true artist as he should. The quality of his music is not to be ignored either. Standout tracks from his mix-tape like the Intro, ‘Where's the hook’ and even ‘Filay’ show Fendi’s versatility and ability to hold his own on a track. ‘Filay’ is an auto-tuned banger however despite the change of pace for Fendi he still feels comfortable. Opening the track saying “oh they put the auto-tune on this, I think I like that.” He has no issue adapting with each track and will only continue to grow as an artist.

Following this mix-tape Fendi has already begun work on his next project however has nothing set in stone with regards to that. However he does have a show lined up in the near future. Fendi will be opening for popular Queens NY rapper LouGotCash on March 16th. “LouGotcash is coming to the cave March 16th if you need a ticket come talk to me, shoutout to blacko macko, he showin love and mess wit the kid”

If you’re looking to purchase a ticket to the show you can get one from Yungbul Fendi at the following Snapchat :fendityb, Facebook: fendi deadwyler Instagram: yungbull_fendi

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