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Westside Gunn Announces New Project Dropping This Friday

Westside Gunn says he'll be releasing a new project on Friday and won't be mixing it much because he wants to "keep that shit grimey." On Sunday night, Gunn announced the release

Gunn had previously stated that he would begin work on his album, Peace Fly God, as soon as he returned to the United States from a trip to Paris.

"PEACE 'FLY' GOD droppin I promise u I’m just fuckin Paris up and I haven’t had time to mix and master in the states yet but I’m a drop this song in the next few days to hold y’all over," he stated in an Instagram post, last month.

Gunn's new work will be his first since 2021's Hitler Wears Hermes 8. Collaborations on that project included Mach-Hommy, Jadakiss, Boldy James, Lil Wayne, and others.

Stay tuned for new music from the Griselda rapper on Friday!

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