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Warzone to Perform at Upstate NY's First Annual Summer Bash

Warzone is slated to perform this Saturday June 1st, 2019 at The Cave in Binghamton New York. The Cave is hosting it's first annual "Summer Bash" event that will feature performances from well known hip-hop artists Casanova 2x and G-Unit's own Uncle Murda.

Warzone has been working hard over the past few months doing live open mic events at Spotlight in Binghamton. These performances as well as a performance for the Grind Mode Cypher in Binghamton last month have helped prepare Warzone for this upcoming event.

"I’m so motivated and ready for anything that gets thrown at me now. I’ve never felt such a drive and hunger for more. I only want greatness and I’m willing to risk it all for these moments now."

These moments for Warzone will continue to grow as the young artist now has an opportunity to open up for two well known artists. Casanova 2x and Uncle Murda are both well known artists who are slated to perform at The Cave's "Summer Bash" event as well. Warzone credit's his team for this great opportunity.

"NMG! Timothy and Ricardo Youmans have become the moguls in this Broken town for hip hop right now. And I’m blessed enough to have them in my corner."

Despite the pressure of two well known artists performing at the event and thus a large turnout expected, Warzone plans to bring the exact same energy regardless of the crowd.

"I’m always giving my best and trying to be better. I could stand in front of 1 or 500 and I’ll still perform like you can see the fire in me."

With the larger crowd Warzone hopes he can provide the audience a unique experience and that they will be able to feel his pain and growth through music. With an opportunity to perform in front of new fans Warzone plans to show everything he has.

"They can expect to see someone that lost it all and came back, wanting more life, more energy and more everything. I want it all."

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