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Vote in Upstate Aesthetic's Album of the Year Awards for 2020

The nomination period has come to a close and we have our official set of nominations for Upstate Aesthetic's album of the year awards. While 2020 was filled with uncertainty and a bit of a quiet year for most artists as many worked primarily on singles releases, we still received so many quality nominations for 2020's album of the year awards. These nominations include, Corey Loveless, Ivan Da Great, J.J. Wolfe, Kyng, Process, Sha Racks, TY Burst, Ty Vegas, GScaffa, The Supreme Soup and Don Pablo. Each artist received a nomination on our social media thread asking for nominations for Album of the Year. Now the result is in the hands of the fans. On Saturday January 23 the official result for the Fan Vote for Album of the year will be released on Upstate Aesthetic with the winner receiving $150. The winner will also receive an opportunity to get a free photoshoot courtesy of Ray Alvarez of Shoot with Ray photography. The Editor's choice for Album of the Year will be announced on the following day January 24th. Click the link below to navigate to the 'AOTY Poll' page and cast your vote!

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