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Upstate's Latest Album Releases Week of August 19th 2022.

Upstate continues to have a steady pipeline of consistently good music released every week. This week is no different as we saw the release of a number of singles, videos and a few full length albums. Take a look at the list of Album releases below and give a couple of 'em a listen!

If you have an upcoming release email to notify us and be included on a future post.

New Albums This week (Aug. 12th - Aug. 19th)

Blame It On The Gravity - Duncan YoYo:

"Blame it on the Gravity was made in a time of my life where the stakes, opportunities, and stresses in life felt poised at an all time high." - DuncanYOYO


StylesXIV - Leekyxiv / Styles Savage:

Leeakyxiv collaborates with Styles savage for a new collaborative project titled "StylesXIV".


4 A.M. In Upstate - 03 Kosta:

The latest album from rising Upstate Artist 03 Kosta. The project features a number of notable names including, Sha Racks, TMAKOCRAZY, Turbo Hadd, and Lil perco.

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