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Upstate's Latest: A'Don, Ace $upreme, & Blane Bent lead the way with new releases this week

Upstate has been buzzing over the last few weeks with a number of notable artists releasing new singles and gearing up to release full length projects in the not so distant future. This week was nothing different as a number of artists released new singles, visuals and even a couple full length projects.

This week A'Don released his debut project 'Mixed Vibes' onto streaming services. After releasing only a handful of songs A'Don has released a full length project for his fans to consume and get a taste of the music the artist has been creating. The R&B album is really well done and only has one track with a featured artist with DSwizz appearing on the second track of the project titled 'Show Me Something'. 'Mixed Vibes' is a definite change of pace from the sound you might typically hear from an Upstate artist. With only 12 tracks plus a bonus track the thirty nine minute project is easily consumable and is definitely a project to be checked out by R&B fans in the area.

Ace $upreme released two new singles this week, first he released 'Pullin' Up' featuring Ready Regg. The heavy drill style is similar to what $upreme has released in the past and is sure to impress fans of that genre. $upreme also released 'Pressure' a solo track with no feature that is a much more of a slowed down calculated approach from $upreme but still incorporating the heavy drums and production you would expect from him.

Ty Vega$ released his latest single 'Latin Vibes' onto streaming services. The track features Vega$ showcasing some bilingual bars with an aggressive flow on a catchy latin trap beat. 'Latin Vibes' is a catchy release from Vega$ who has been busy throughout the beginning of 2021 dropping a couple of singles and an EP titled 'Karma'. It seems Vega$ looks to be gearing up for a breakout year and with his incredible talent there isn't much stopping him from accomplishing just that.

Ryan Bronson was joined by Ryan Oakes on a collaborative track titled 'Til the World Ends' this track is a continuation for Bronson shifting his sound a little bit for his upcoming release 'Application of Love'. While Bronson has consistently created music for a hip-hop audience he has recently been inspired to take what he's learned from that and utilize it in a creative way as he attacks a more pop-punk style sound. 'Til the World Ends' is similar to Bronson's previous single 'Talking to Myself' in which Ryan Oakes' verse presents more of a hiphop sound to the pop-punk element that Bronson approaches which is a great change of pace and a good sign for Bronson's project set to release at the end of the month.

Blane Bent has released his second single onto streaming services this year with his latest release 'Killmonger'. The hard lyrical track is another great performance from the always creative Blane Bent. Blane is joined by local lyricist Notise Balla and female rapper FrivolousShara on this track who both bring something on each of their verses. FrivolousShara really stands out in this track as an artist we've never heard prior to this release but is one we will be checking out more of soon. This is a great single release from Blane and we're excited to see what he drops next and which other artists he plans to work with this year.

Corey Loveless and his fellow Dim136 collaborator Process came together for a dope visual release with the release of a video for Loveless' track 'Death' of his latest project 'For...Anyone'. The visuals were shot and edited by Zakhi Schar of Schar studios who continues to deliver some of the best visuals available to artists locally in the area. The visual aesthetic of both artists in this video was really well done and is a great job at finding another way to reintroduce a standout track from the project to the audience with a great video.

Slick Fashionz also released visuals to his latest single 'DNA'. It has been a while since we have heard anything from Slick Fashionz after he opted to delay his project 'Down In Flamez' initially slated to release last July. Regardless of the delay fans are excited to hear new music from Slick especially when it comes as a bit of a surprise. The track features QueetoABF handling the second half of the track and carrying himself well alongside Slick. It's unsure if this is Slick gearing up to release 'Down in Flamez', a new project or just a loose release from the incredibly talented artist but we are excited to see what he has lined up for fans in the future.

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