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Upstate Artists Body DMP Studios "607 Cypher"

From quality lyricism, to outstanding visual presentation the 607 Cypher presented by DMP Studios showcased a handful of some of the outstanding talent the Upstate Area has to offer. The cypher was officially released on April 21st and fans who had been patiently awaiting for this incredible collaborative effort were not let down.

The Cypher features eight talented artists out of the 607 area who each hold their own throughout the nine minute cypher. Mbusi, La Reina, 420 Relly, Miss Sick07, Anthony Kannon, Asya, Wavy Tru, and Dee Shaun all perform throughout the Cypher each adding their own unique style to the overall product.

The beats used for the cypher were produced by local producers Dynasty Media Productions and Pierce Dyrlie. The visuals were directed by Bobby Vision and provided a fantastic overall presentation of each artist. This cypher showcases so many different talents in a great way while also providing fans of these artists with some new content to listen to.

For many of these artists this cypher is dropping at a perfect time as they begin to release new music. Miss Sick07 is planning to release her latest track “Bae”, Anthony Kannon is gearing up to begin releasing new music bi-weekly, and Dee Shaun’s “B4 the Rise” EP is set to release on April 29th.

Hopefully this cypher is just the beginning of many more to come from the artists of Upstate NY and DMP Studios as it was a fantastic showcase by all parties involved. Stream The 607 Cypher below and stay in tune with Upstate Aesthetic for any updates on upcoming music and Cyphers from the Upstate area.

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