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Upstate Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Update

Every week Upstate Aesthetic updates the official Upstate Aesthetic playlist on Spotify. Read below to see the five new track additions this week include tracks from SigRoy, Jesediah, 'Dwellers and more!

How Do I Look - Trigg The Ruler

"How do I look" is a track released by Syracuse artist Trigg the Ruler as part of his debut project 'Ruler'. Ruler was released on August 2nd 2019 and is available on all streaming platforms. Triggs melodic rapping over 'How Do I Look' make this a standout project for the Syracuse native already accumulating over 4,000 streams since it's official release.

Thai Time - 'Dwellers, Lil $avy King

"Thai Time" is the latest track released by one of Upstate's most talented duos the 'Dwellers. The 'Dwellers, Lil$avyKing and Yellaboi have taken upstate by storm over the last year consistently putting out quality tracks that constantly impress fans. "Thai Time" is no different as the track has accumulated over 4,000 streams since it's official release.

Wuts the Issue - Jesediah

"Wuts the Issue" is the latest release from Syracuse artist Jesediah. Jesediahs popularity has grown over the last year with the success of his tracks "Powerball" and "Best Guy". The success continues with Wuts the Issue as the track has already been streamed over 20,000 times since it's release on August 2nd.

Baby Boo - Jxhar

"Baby Boo" is a standout track off of Jxhar's latest release Bad Days R Forever. Bad Days R Forever was released on July 26th 2019. Baby Boo is a slower track that features Jxhar rapping to his love interest and explaining his love for her. "Baby Boo" has performed well for Jxhar since it's release being streamed over 5,000 times. It serves as a standout track and great introduction to what Jxhar brings to the table as an artist.

Can't Stop It - Sig Roy

"Can't Stop It" is the latest release from Syracuse Artist Sig Roy released on August 2nd, 2019. Sig Roy is known for his popular tracks "IDK" and "Her" both of which have accumulated over 1 Million streams on Spotify. "Can't Stop It" serves as a single for Sig Roy's upcoming debut Album "Reflections" set to drop later this summer. Be sure to check out "Can't Stop It" on the Upstate Aesthetic playlist and keep an eye out for Sig Roy's debut project dropping this summer.

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