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Upstate Aesthetic presents “Live From Yo Timeline”

This Saturday May 2nd Upstate Aesthetic presents “Live From Yo Timeline” a live virtual concert presented on the Upstate Aesthetic Facebook page.

The event begins at 8:00 PM Eastern and will feature artists from Auburn, Ithaca, Syracuse, Endicott, Binghamton & more. Following the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic many local artists had their concert opportunities cancelled. These limited chances give both artists and fans alike the chance to engage and enjoy a live concert experience locally. While concerts have been cancelled and projected delayed artists continue to find new ways to remain engaged with their fans during this downtime.

With shows like The Cypher and Lame or Flames as well as live streams by artists like Matthew Cornwell gaining steam locally Upstate Aesthetic saw an opportunity to create a unique experience for both artists and fans. Upstate Aesthetic reached out to a number of artists in the local area and gauged their interest in participating in a live virtual concert event in collaboration with Upstate Aesthetic.

Upstate Aesthetic quickly received responses from some of Upstate's more well known and talented artists to participate in the event. On Saturday night we will see performances of some old, some new, and some unreleased content from Anthony Kannon, Matthew Cornwell, GScaffa, Jesediah, MBK Richy, Dommy La Fleur, Kory Alexander, and the artists of Dim 136.

Over the past two weeks Upstate Aesthetic has worked alongside the artists to create content and promote the upcoming virtual concert. This event as well as many others that have been presented in the area over the last year showcase Upstate's ability to come together in a time of need and produce something special

The event begins at 8PM on Facebook live and will feature unreleased music from a large number of Upstate Artists in between sets, you will want to make sure you're tuned in for the whole show you don't wanna miss it!

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