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Upcoming Releases for the week of April 3rd

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

While many are dealing with the struggles of being cooped inside due to COVID-19, many artists are using this as an opportunity to release new content to their fans. This week there are a variety of artists slated to release some for of content for their fans.

The popular duo from the Binghamton area, 'Dwellers kicked things off on April 1st by releasing their latest track 'ur day will come'. Another catchy melodic track from the two that is sure to excite fans for what they have in store going forward. April 1st also saw the release of a new track with accompanying visuals from Syracuse juggernaut Slick Fashionz titled "Joker". Slick recently took home his first Slammy for best hip hop project out of Syracuse with his previous solo release "Purple". Slick has been on fire and this latest release is a great sign of Slick's upward trajectory as a budding artist. April 2nd saw the first official project release from Elmira artist TMAKOCRAZY titled "Welcome to Makowrld". TMAKOCRAZY is still looking to establish himself in the area but this release is a good introduction for new listeners. "Welcome to Makowrld" has multiple local features with fellow Elmira artist 03KOSTA doing his part on two of the projects eighteen tracks.

April 3rd looks to be a big night for singles releases in the upstate area as well. Elmira artist J Pari will be releasing his single "Be Alone" onto streaming services at midnight on April 3rd. This will be Pari's first official release of 2020. Another artist that looks to drop this Friday, Sheridan has kept busy through the new year already releasing several new tracks. He will continue his consistent year with a new track titled "Press The Vibe". Sheridan has changed up his sound to appeal to a more traditional pop fan base but he still continues to release quality music that appeals to a variety of listeners.

SAINT KID will round out the releases for Friday as he will be dropping his highly anticipated track "Reply" at midnight on April 3rd as well. SAINT KID has been teasing fans about a new drop for a few weeks now and will finally reward his fans for their patience. The young artist plans to make this his first official release on Soundcloud broadening his reach and giving more fans an opportunity to check out what he has in store for 2020. JXHAR has had quite the successful year already with his latest track "Jasmine" ft. DenZe doing well since it's release in February. Now he looks to follow up on the success of that track with a new track titled "Time's Up" set to drop this Saturday April 4th.

Ithaca artist Corey Loveless will also drop on April 4th, after promoting his latest track "Asterisk" for some time on social media. This highly anticipated track shows Loveless' growth as an artist into a true mc who is willing to carry himself as such. Look for the release of the track to be the start of something much bigger as Loveless tends to be calculated with his drops and is consistently working.

03KOSTA is looking to follow his appearance on "Welcome to Makowrld" with a release of his own on April 6th. The artist will be officially dropping his first project "Sammy Kosta". 03Kosta has released the official track list for this project on social media and plans to drop the project at midnight on April 6th.

Down the line: Dee Shaun - Unknown Album - 4/19 Let Upstate Aesthetic know about any upcoming drops you or an artist you know about have coming to be included in a future edition of this weeks drops! Update: We initially incorrectly listed 03KOSTA's release as April 3rd, this has since been updated to April 6th due to our error.

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