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TyBurst and GScaffa Collaborate on New Project

GScaffa continues working despite already dropping one project this year. On April 13th we released our review for GScaffa's project "Disconnection 2" a follow up to his 2018 project "Disconnection". However GScaffa wasn't done there, the artist has been hard at work with close friend and frequent collaborator TyBurst to release two collaborative projects this Spring. On April 24th 2019, TyBurst & GScaffa released the first of their two part collaborative project "Heads". "Heads" was released on the 24th while the second part "Tails" continues to be teased by both TyBurst and Gscaffa on social media with a release coming in the near future. This project features eight dope tracks with stand outs such as 'Dino Bite', 'Kev on the Beat', and lead single 'Nada' which was available on Soundcloud up until the official release of 'Heads' on streaming platforms. The project also has one feature, TyBurst and GScaffa are joined by JoBars on the outro 'Big Mad'. Fans can stream the project below and keep an eye out for the follow up project "Tails" expected to drop in the near future.

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