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Trigg the Ruler looks to 'Make a Way' for Himself in music one way or another

Trigg the Ruler is a hip hop artist and music videographer based out of Syracuse NY. Trigg was born and raised in Syracuse, despite growing up in some of the tougher areas and getting into trouble with school he was still able to find success. “I grew up in rough areas but life was fun for the most part. I went to Nottingham High School but I got kicked out so I was actually doing home school when I graduated but I still walked the stage with everyone.”

Growing up Trigg was influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana and Jay Z. This inspiration pushed him to get involved with the creative processes behind music and eventually in 2011 he began creating music videos. Trigg didn’t receive any formal training or school in creating music videos, instead he learned things the way many creators do in the internet era. He went to the internet.

“I learned everything from youtube tutorials & through trial & error.”

It was the process of learning through the internet that also did a bit of the inspiration for Trigg as well. Music videos by artist Chief Keef were low budget but consistently provided quality content that received plenty of views on websites like Facebook or You-tube.

“Chief inspired me to get into music videos because he didn't need a big budget, he made it work right inside his house.” Being both an artist and a videographer can be highly convenient for an artist like Trigg. The ability to keep the production of your own videos in house saves immensely on your finances and also gives the artist a lot more creative freedom. “Yes because I can create whenever I want to & I dont have to spend money doing it if I dont want to” This creative freedom is generally why Trigg prefers to create his own videos over working on others. Despite the sense of fulfillment and payment from helping others, its still difficult to get artists out of their comfort zone or try something new.

“I like to get more creative for my videos. Sometimes its hard to be creative for other people because they aren't comfortable doing things different.”

Despite his preference for a bit more creative freedom Trigg generally goes into every project with the same process. When working with clients its best to get a feel for what the artist is looking for and then get into his process. “I like to listen to the song and plan it out. I'll think of a certain amount a locations and get a few prefaces scene at each spot & I'll get loads of b roll footage in between for a more cinematic look. For some songs I'll even make a script and do some acting”

All of this work going into creating videos can be a bit time consuming and as it stands currently Trigg has his hands full. He just recently dropped his track “Make a Way” on all streaming platforms a month ago and has plenty planned for the near future as well.

“I have about 5 music videos Im working on right now & I'm also working on my EP.” If you’re interested in Trigg’s work take a look at the video for his track “How Do I look” below and for inquiries on working together in the future you can contact Trigg via Instagram @triggtheruler

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