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Therealjon's latest EP "It's all in Your Head" is full of catchy tunes - Early Review

Therealjon has been consistently generating music throughout 2020 and following the release of his first official project "Now I Know" has quietly been generating some hype for his catchy pop music.

Typically we review hip-hop music and while Therealjon's music has some hip-hop elements to it it is primarily pop oriented and definitely geared more towards a younger pop audience. However his fanbase could easily crossover with fans of Juicewrld or The Kid Laroi style music as you can definitely see some elements of that throughout.

We received an opportunity to listen to Therealjon's four track EP "It's all in Your Head" ahead of it's release and were pleasantly surprised. It opens with a vibe immediately and consistently delivers throughout. Having heard his music before I had a good idea of what to expect and this project was a great continuation of the previous full length release he had in 2020 and gives fans a much shorter easier to consume project.

It's safe to say that this obviously wouldn't be for everyone as it is clearly more for a younger pop oriented fan base but there are elements to this project that can be appreciated by all. I think one thing that could help to crossover and gain interest from other audiences would be to incorporate a hip-hop feature to give the listener a change of pace throughout.

Overall this four track ep takes less than 15 minutes to consume and is great at its best and ok at its worst. There are some elements that could certainly be improved but overall this is a solid project from a growing artist. The intro 'Trouble Me' is a personal favorite as it just immediately has a laid back vacation style vibe to it with a catchy hook and dope melodies throughout.

I will rank this in the mid-tier as it really isn't something that is geared towards our general audience but it is really fun to listen to if you're interested in this style music. I also really encourage everyone to check it out and give it a listen as the short four track EP is easy to listen to and has something for everyone. Favorite Track: Trouble Me

- Catchy Track, fun vibes, will play this often in the future.

Least favorite: Just One Night

- Not a bad track just not feeling this one personally.

You can stream Therealjon's music on spotify now and catch his latest EP on Soundcloud on Friday June 18th.

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