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Syracuse artist Furco gearing up for an exciting weekend of shows

For many artists any chance to perform in front of a live audience is a great opportunity. This weekend Syracuse hip hop artist Furco has a couple opportunities lined up. Furco is a twenty year old artist from Syracuse who has been creating music since grade school. “I started my music career as a little 4th grader when I picked up a guitar for the first time and instantly fell in love with music.” It was this love that pushed Furco to also learn to play the drums and eventually join his school’s choir.

Now Furco has a knack for using his voice to set him apart from other hip hop artists but he wasn’t always confident in his voice.

“I was terrible at singing, it was very hard for me to find pitches and hold certain tones, that's why i started rapping first. It took a lot of work before I was confident in my voice.”

After he found his confidence in his voice Furco began to take his craft seriously. His influences can be heard throughout his music noting that artists like Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Russ, Drake, and Syracuse native Post Malone influenced him over the years. It was once Furco entered high school that he started utilizing the internet to share his music with anyone willing to listen. “9th grade is when i started writing my own music and posting it to the internet for the world to hear. From there I had to give it my all to make this my life and career.” This weekend Furco is set to perform at two events, one this evening as an opening act for Souly Had and his crew the Entreband. The other will be more of a community event at the Camillus Townshop. featuring Furco and a handful of other local artists looking to perform in front of a live crowd on Saturday. These events are not the first for Furco who is beginning to find his footing as a live performer. By the end of the weekend Furco will officially have twenty live performances under his belt and his confidence as well as his performances continue to improve with every showing. “It's always a party when you come turn up with Furco Music! When I'm on that stage with a mic in my hand I am 100% me.” Furco had initially gone into the week only planning on having a show on Saturday however on short notice the opportunity came to open for Souly Had.

“It started as just 1 show for this weekend and then literally this week I was contacted about the Entreband show”

Furco was approached by the promotion company for the event through the recording studio he uses to record. Being familiar with Souly Had’s music Furco jumped at the opportunity noting the similarity between the two artists both having a song titled ‘Fall Back’. “I have been a fan of Souly Had's music since 2017. Funny story is back in 2017 I dropped a song called "Fall Back" and every time I would search my song on Spotify, Souly Had's song "Fall Back" would pop up too and that's how I discovered him. “

Furco has been using social media to heavily promote both events as much as possible. Despite the Souly Had event being on short notice Furco has utilized an approach that seems to work for him in promoting these events. Promoting every day for a month leading up to the events. The second event which is planned for the Camillus Townshop in Syracuse on Saturday March 16th at 6pm is an event Furco had much more involvement in. “Back in January, artist PettyLarceny under my independent record label #HITSZN had an album release party/show at the Camillus Townshop in Syracuse. This is where we were introduced to the venue and promoter Mark Morrison who runs his own booking agency called Legacy Productions. Mark saw the talent we had and wanted to book a show for us asap.” Morrison had a confidence in the artists talent and saw an opportunity to work together to create an event that can help both the artists and the community. The confidence was so great that there was a chance to hold the show at an earlier date however in order to ensure the artists would be ready for this event it was schedule for mid march. Without someone like Mark Morrison having a confidence in these artists an opportunity wouldn’t exist for any of the artists involved this Saturday. “Big shoutout and props to Mark Morrison for making this show happen!” This event will only feature local talent however Morrison and Furco made it a point to select a variety of artists to appeal to different audiences. The overall direction of the show is to showcase hiphop music however the plan is to present a variety of hip hop vibes from hard rap to sad songs and everything in between.

“When Mark and I set up this show we didn't want to pick artists who all share the same vibe, we want each artist to stand out in their own unique way.”

These two events aren’t all Furco has lined up for himself at the moment. Currently there are plans to run more events showcasing local talent at the Camillus Townshop and in the Spring there are plans for Furco to do a live outdoor performance for Glazed and Confused donut shop. Furco doesn’t just have events on the horizon there are also big plans to start steadily releasing music as well as merchandise in the near future. “I have so much in the vault that I'm getting ready to drop. As of videos I got a little freestyle music video coming out next week but expect a real big video in April for a big release called "Drippin" I got coming with artists Pug & PettyLarceny. Be on the lookout for merchandise too! New Furco Tees and hoodies “ Check out Furco’s track “Supermodel Girl” now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. You can follow him on all social medias @FurcoMusic. If you’re in the Syracuse area be sure to show up for one or both of these events for a great time with Furco!

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