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Slick Fashionz New Project "Down In Flamez" Set to Release July 26th

Slick Fashionz had an incredible 2019 securing two separate awards with two different projects released last year. First winning the Upstate Aesthetic Album of the Year contest alongside fellow artist T.Y. Vegas for their collaborative effort “MADAGASCAR” he followed that up shortly after, receiving a Sammy award for his solo effort “Purple”.

Fashionz hopes to keep the momentum going forward and follow the success of his latest two projects with his upcoming album “Down In Flamez”. “Down In Flamez” is set to drop on Sunday July 26th and will be a brand new full length project from Slick Fashionz.

Fashionz previewed the project on a Facebook live stream for his birthday and received plenty of positive feedback after previewing many of the tracks on the album. During the stream it appeared to show that the project will have 17 tracks which gives fans of the extremely talented artist a lot of great music to look forward to.

A track list has yet to be released however it is to be expected that we will see a few local features on this project as Slick is known to work with many of the other talented artists in the Upstate area. Slick Fashionz plans to join Upstate Aesthetic for an episode of The Cypher ahead of his album release so keep an eye out for updates on that!

Stream Slick Fashionz latest official release Joker below and keep an eye out for “Down in Flamez" set to drop on July 26th!

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