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Sheridan's latest single 'Where's the Ref' sets the tone for upcoming album 'On Myself'

This Friday May 28th, Sheridan released his first single 'Where's the Ref' off of his upcoming project 'On Myself' set to drop June 18th. Sheridan is known for his versatility as an artist and this track is no different.

'Where's the Ref' is much more of a hip-hop oriented sound from Sheridan than some of his more recent pop oriented releases. The beat is produced by none other than the highly regarded Process crafting a heavy beat full of hard drums mixed with some dope melodies throughout.

Sheridan provides a deeper tone to his voice that fits the production perfectly and lyrically the content gives us a short look into the cocky and confident lifestyle of a young artist dealing with women who be 'actin foul'.

'Where's the Ref' is not what I expected to hear from Sheridan having heard his most recent singles that had a much more pop oriented sound to it. This likely gave me more of a reason to enjoy and appreciate this track as it was a great change of pace from the pop music that is still very good but not as much for me. This track will get consistent play from me this summer and is a great reminder to those who forgot or may just not be aware of what Sheridan is capable of as a hip-hop artist.

You can stream 'Where's the Ref?' on all streaming services today and pre-order Sheridan's upcoming project 'On Myself' today. You can also pre-order physical copies via bandcamp now.

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