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Sheridan Releases Visuals for New Track “Wake Up”

On November 4th Sheridan released his latest music video "Wake Up". The video and track is a brand new release for Sheridan who has been relatively quiet since the release of his most recent project "On Myself".

The video and track itself show Sheridan is pulling no punches and ready to take things to the next level. The high quality production and meaning behind the video alone show that Sheridan was much more calculated behind this release focusing on quality over anything else.

The video begins with Sheridan strapped into a wheel chair and seemingly emotionless as a masked nurse tends to him and leads him to a room. We bounce back and forth between visuals of a normal and healthy Sheridan performing the song while the comatose Sheridan is treated by the nurse. The nurse places headphones on Sheridan and makes him watch home videos of him and a previous girlfriend.

This causes Sheridan to go into a manic state trying to break free from the chair until his nurse returns with a needle to sedate him again. After sedating him the nurse exits the room and reveals themselves as the woman in the home videos. One of the closing shots of the video reveals that many of the videos were ruined among a stack of home videos that were still left behind. The video itself is very well done and everyone involved deserves a ton of credit.

The track does a great job accompanying the visuals with a pop inspired track that still keeps a serious enough tone to suit the video well. The production quality is well done and this is a great new release for Sheridan.

It's not often you see videos of this quality both visually and from a subject matter standpoint in upstate. It's something everyone needs to take the time to check out! You can watch it below if you haven't already.

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