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Sheridan Gearing up to Release his Latest Track “The Door is Open”

On Friday June 19th Sheridan previewed his latest track “The Door is Open” for listeners of The Cypher Podcast on Facebook live. The track received great reviews from his co-hosts and the viewers who all encouraged Sheridan to release the track.

Now just a week later the roll out has begun, after performing well on locally hosted music review show “Lame or Flames” Sheridan decided it was time to finally release some new music to his fans. Sheridan has been relatively quiet for the past few months after an incredibly strong start to the year dropping a number of loose singles.

While “The Door is Open” is a taste of something new, Sheridan is still determining what the rest of his year looks like in terms of releases. There isn’t currently a plan in place for him to release a full project or EP however with the way Sheridan is constantly working it would be no surprise if “The Door is Open” performs well that we might see something more full length by Sheridan before the year is over.

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