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Sheridan Drops New Track "Road Less Traveled"

Following the success of his self titled debut project "Sheridan Carter Crane", Sheridan has been consistently working to provide his fans with new content. Since the top of the year Sheridan has released multiple new tracks his latest "Press the Vibe" was released on April 3rd and is a collaborative effort with Los Angeles artist dortea murray. Sheridan continues his consistent pace with his latest track "Road Less Traveled" a track he released on Friday, April 10th. "Road Less Traveled" is a track Sheridan has been holding on to for some time in preparation for the summer months. With the summer approaching Sheridan hopes this track can help listeners escape the pandemic we're all currently facing. "Road Less Traveled" is a track that looks to show the listener that the people surrounding you will often come and pass like the wind, this fact of life is not the end of the world. It provides a great message to the listener behind a melodic sound that is great for the time of year we are headed despite the circumstances. Stream "Road Less Traveled" below and stay up to date with Upstate Aesthetic for all future releases from Sheridan.

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