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Scorey Underwhelms with Debut Album "Help Is On The Way"

Scorey is undoubtedly a talented artist with a bright future ahead of him. The upstate native has been on an upward trajectory for a few years now first gaining traction for his single "Moods". The wave of support for Scorey as well as his undeniable talent afforded him the opportunity to sign with Polo G's Capalot records. Since then Scorey has continued to release a2 number of high quality singles but we have yet to see a full length album release.

Finally the wait is over, Scorey has released his first official album "Help Is On The Way"'s underwhelming to say the least. The talent is there but the project is a bit repetitive in content and production in particular. The beats are similar and the subject matter is almost always about money or women with Scorey only changing it up for a few songs here and there. Even the Polo G assisted "Get Money" does little to inspire or excite the listener.

When Scorey isn't rapping about music it's often about a love interest which is fine but we're not getting deep introspective stuff here it's simple and often corny. Songs like "Wedding Vows" seem to have the right intent but just don't hit for me.

Outside of songs like "No Names" & "Girls Love Rod Wave" i'm a bit hard up to find standout tracks from this project. "Dont Blame Him" is solid but could use another verse, "Wildest Dreams" is another solid track with a slight change up in production but not even in the top 40 songs I've heard today.

This album is not at all what I expected from Scorey's debut release. With a number of tracks accumulating over 20 million streams I think the single selection was poor, in a world where streams matter i'm shocked some of the more streamed Scorey tracks weren't selected for this project over "No Names". There's plenty of new Scorey on this project which is great if you're a Scorey fan but i'd argue it's too much new music that sounds similar to music Scorey's already released.

Expecting a new fan to listen to 16 songs in a row with only two features and a bunch of similar sounding beats is a tough ask. For some this Scorey album is a great introduction to a new artist, for me this was an artist I had some pretty decent expectations for missing the mark. He can always bounce back but he drastically needs to experiment and move away from the 808s in every damn track.

"Help Is On The Way" is somewhere between the mid and the trash tier so i'm gonna rank it in the mid tier. It's really not that bad I just have high expectations for Scorey and he missed the mark. If you dig his music you'll probably find a couple new tracks on here to add to the playlist. If you've never heard of him but are a fan of Polo G, again you'll probably find a couple tracks for you on this one.

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