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Scorey Gives Back to Syracuse Salvation Army

Syracuse artist Scorey has had an amazing year after being signed by Polo G and accumulating over 8 million streams across streaming services on his latest single "Moods".

Following this success Scorey has decided to give back this holiday season. This morning, Dec. 4th, The Salvation Army of Syracuse posted to their local Facebook page thanking Scorey for a large donation of toys they had received from the talented young artist.

The post included this message regarding Scorey's donation:

"Scorey felt like at a time like this, in the midst of the pandemic, a lot of families are suffering financially and a lot of children may go without receiving anything for Christmas. He felt like since he was blessed this year during the pandemic, it would only be right to share some of his blessings with those in need. Scorey also appreciates that The Salvation Army is and has always been around providing help where needed. He remembers shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift store to get dress clothes for an interview one time." A strong message and a beautiful gift from an artist who is clearly on the rise! You can stream "That Mood" a compilation of Scorey singles on streaming services now and stay up to date with Upstate Aesthetic for any future news regarding Scorey releases!

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