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SAINT KID Releasing New Track "Reply" this Friday April 3rd

SAINT KID is one of the more talented young artists out of the Upstate area who continues to show his versatility as an artist in a variety of ways. SAINT KID stands out not because of his age but because of his abilities as a producer as well as an artist. SAINT KID combines these abilities to provide his young die hard fan base with new content on a consistent basis. This has allowed many who have been following the path of this young artist the opportunity to be a part of his growth as an artist and producer. As SAINT KID gets ready to release his next official project the young artist has opted to remove a majority of his music from streaming services such as Spotify & iTunes. Leaving only a small selection of his tracks on these services it's clear SAINT KID is getting ready to show his fan base a new more mature side of his art. SAINT KID has been teasing a potential release for several weeks before finally confirming he will be dropping his new track "Reply" on Friday April 3rd. This track will release officially on Soundcloud and will actually serv

e as the first track SAINT KID has hosted on said platform. Stream the snippet of "Reply" below and keep an eye out for the official release this Friday, April 3rd!

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