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SAINT KID Continues to Show Growth on Latest Single "Location"

On Friday November 6th, one of the more talented young artists out of Upstate NY, SAINT KID, released his latest track "Location" on all streaming services.

The track is a slower tune from SAINT, singing about a female he has interest in but doesn't think that they can make things work based on his previous relationships. Despite this SAINT sings that if she decides to send her location and he'll slide through.

The track shows growth both sonically but also in terms of content from the young artist. While it's still a track that will appeal to the younger audience it doesn't have a vibe that it's strictly for the high school pop audience. As SAINT KID continues to grow and produce quality music like this his fanbase sure will as well.

Quotable Lyrics:

"And You know I'll spend a check till the money gone I want your love, that's in designer Saint Kid, Saint Laurent "

Tune in to SAINT KID's latest track "Location" below and stay up to date with Upstate Aesthetic for any upcoming news on SAINT KID releases!

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