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Roddy Ricch releases 3 Pack EP "The Big 3"

Fans have been waiting for new music from Roddy Ricch, and rumor has it that he is currently in album mode. We already got a sign that new music was on the way when Roddy posted himself working in the studio with longtime collaborator DJ Mustard. The award-winning Los Angeles hitmaker has long been a favorite in the rap game. The duo, who is famed for their creative synergy, wants to ascend the charts again as they have done in the past.

In the mean time Roddy Ricch felt he should provide his supporters with something to appreciate while we wait for a finished project. The rapper released his three-pack EP "The Big 3" on June 24 for New Music Friday, following news that Roddy would be joining Post Malone on a three-month countrywide tour.

Tell us how you would rate these three songs in the comments below and whether you anticipate hearing more from Roddy Ricch.

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