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Results are in for Upstate Aesthetic's Fan Choice for Album of the Year 2019

After a week of nominations, followed by a week of voting we have officially crowned the first ever Fan's Choice Album of the year. With over 25 different albums nominated and over 10 of those albums receiving 10+ nominations this was a wide open contest.

Of the eleven eligible fan nominated albums seven of them received 100+ votes with the top two albums receiving over 200 votes. The winning album received over 220 votes after being one of the most nominated projects, voting started a little slow for this duo but in the final days they showed their fan base runs deep.

The overwhelming response is undeniable, with exactly 225 votes Anthony Kannon and Meech Booker's joint project "Blur" was the best project of the year according to the readers of Upstate Aesthetic. "Blur" is undeniably one of the most popular projects out of upstate accumulating over 10,000 streams on mutliple songs on the project. Kannon and Meech have a fantastic chemistry and it was evident throughout the entire project that both are extremely talented. Their talents as well as their popularity with the fans have lead them directly to a quick cash prize as well as some free Upstate Aesthetic merch!

While "Blur" was the winning album it's worth noting that MBK Richy's "Richy Season 2" was a mere 21 votes away from securing the top spot on this list. Sheridan and Wilder's "Sheridan Carter Crane"(178), TyEsco94's "Fresh"(133) and the 'Dwellers "Harvest EP"(129) round out the top five albums according to the readers of Upstate Aesthetic.

Stream "Blur" below and keep an eye out tomorrow afternoon for the announcement of the Editors choice for Upstate Album of the year and the winner of that cash prize as well.

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