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Queens Artist Wan Blvd Releases Two New EPs

At the end of May Queens artist WanBlvd released two new eps, titled 'Wans Way' and 'Blvds Way'. Each project features WanBlvd on four separate tracks.

The only feature on either project is on the track 'Im Yours' off 'Wans Way' featuring female vocalist Rock who absolutely holds her own alongside WanBlvd.

Both projects are only ten minutes in length and thus make them very easy to consume. 'Wans Way' features WanBlvd in more of an RnB sing-song type bag with the song 'Crush' being a standout off the project.

Meanwhile 'Blvds Way' features WanBlvd using a much more focused rap/hip hop style throughout the project. The lead track off of this project 'UnderRated' has quickly taken off as a favorite of WanBlvd fans. 'Chances' is the only track off either project that served as a single as it was a track WanBlvd used with a promotion alongside Sprite earlier in 2019.

Both projects showcase WanBlvd's versatility as both an artist and a writer. With two new projects fans now have a lot more WanBlvd music to enjoy. Check out the two ep's 'Wans Way' and 'Blvds Way' below.

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