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Process Releases New “Throwaway” Track on Soundcloud

On Thursday July 23rd Process surprised his fans with another ‘throwaway’ release uploaded directly to Soundcloud with no roll out. Process left little description for the track other than it was a simple throwaway but assured fans they can expect an album soon.

The track titled “Pretty Sweet V1.Wav” showcases the creative ingenuity Process possesses as well as his overall musical versatility. The track itself is a slower melodic vibe that certainly transcends the realm of hip hop the way major artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean are capable of doing.

“Pretty Sweet V1” is just a ‘throwaway’ track however it showcases the rise in Process' ability as both an artist and an engineer/producer. The track would easily fit onto a project but in this circumstance it stands as it’s own quiet solo release to help give fans some new content while Process puts the final touches on his next official project.

This is the second ‘throwaway’ track Process has released following the release of “Dilemma” earlier in the week. Both tracks showing very different sides of Process which just showcases the versatility Process has on all musical fronts. While there isn’t an exact date or title for Process next project, the sudden spark in releases hints towards the idea that a release could be coming sooner than later.

Stream: “Pretty Sweet V1” below and check Upstate Aesthetic for future updates on Process upcoming project!

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