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"Plugged In" podcast joining Upstate Aesthetic

We spoke with Rocky about her plans for her returning podcast!

We are excited to announce that the Plugged In Podcast is gearing up to return and will be hosted on the Upstate Aesthetic website! Before the big return we caught up with Rocky and asked her a few questions about her show and the plans she has for it on this new platform. Check out the interview below and remember to keep an eye out for a start date and this spring listen to the podcast and get plugged in!


Plans for "Plugged In" going forward

UA: You have been on a brief hiatus but your podcast is set to come back soon. What part are you most excited to get back to?

Rocky: I’m most excited to get back to the interviews! I really miss interacting with the young artists and entrepreneurs in my city! I miss their excitement to come and promote their work.

UA: What are your plans for your podcast now that it is coming back? Will it be interview based only or will it have more discussion as well?

Rocky: It will definitely have more discussions! That is one of the main reasons I am so excited to be on a platform that i created myself. I can talk about whatever I want. I can have as many guests as I want. The amount of discussions we can have are endless! We can talk music, politics, food, fitness, anything we want too! This wasn’t really possible when I was on the radio.

UA: Do you have any podcasts that you listen to that inspire you or gave you the idea to do this?

Rocky: Honestly , I do not really watch podcasts! Isn’t that crazy? I LOVE radio though. I listen to the radio on a daily. Angie Martinez, the breakfast club, big boys neighborhood out in LA is dope, Sway in the morning is amazing, Sirius radio has a lot of dope on air personalities as well. I am also really REALLY inspired by opinion based shows like everyday struggle and state of the culture with Joe Budden. I’m inspired by Wendy Williams as well. And believe it or not, I’m actually inspired by regular broadcasters on the everyday local news. I pay very close attention to how they talk, their tone of voice and their delivery. In interviews I study how radio personalities are able to pull information from whoever it is their interviewing. Everyone’s technique is different, but it’s all inspiring to me.

Rocky's vision for "Plugged In"

"I always have these visions of making it big and seeing some of the people I interview make it big right next to me!"

UA: You have interviewed many artists in the area, is there anyone specific you're excited to work with in the future?

Rocky: I’m excited to work with EVERYONE in the future! I truly believe in every last person that I’ve ever interviewed. I always have these visions of making it big and seeing some of the people I interview make it big right next to me! The dope part is we’ll all be able to reminisce on those days in Binghamton when I was doing Plugged In and we were all grinding it out! I have these visions often. I just think that Binghamton has ALOT of talent bubbling up and sooner or later we’re going to get noticed. I want my podcast to be platform to help us get our shot! But yeah, to answer the question, I look Forward to working with everybody in the future! Everyone who came when I was on the radio, I want to invite them back to this new, fresh environment.

UA: Lately the creative community in Binghamton have been doing a lot more to work together and network. What are your thoughts on this movement for upstate artists? Rocky: I really really believe in my city with all my heart! I see what everyone is doing, you, with this amazing platform, myself with the podcast, there are photographers/videographers out here grinding! I have worked with engineers, producers, rappers, singers I’ve seen a lot of talents out here! It honestly gives me CHILLS because I see the potential just bubbling up! I don’t think seeing us all make it is too far out of our reach! If we all work together we can definitely put our city and this movement on the map!

Rocky is putting the final touches on making sure "Plugged In's" return is Perfect!

"I’m working really really really hard to make sure it’s done by the start of spring. "

UA: We have talked and you said you have plans to bring your podcast back in March do you have a specific date planned out?

Rocky: Oh my goodness no I don’t have a specific date! I try to nail myself to a specific date but it never works. I just want everything to be PERFECT. I have a very specific vision when it comes to my podcast so I want to make sure I bring it to life exactly how I see it in my head. That’s something that is very important to me! It’s all about my vision! So I don’t want to give a specific date because if I feel my vision hasn’t been fulfilled by that date then I will disappoint everyone. As soon as I walk in that podcast room and it looks how I envisioned, I will make an announcement with official start date. I’m working really really really hard to make sure it’s done by the start of spring. I hope my audience can be patient with me and understand because I have been missing for a minute.

UA: Do you have any other special plans or guests for your first episode?

Rocky: This is such a good question! Picking my first guest is so so important! It sets the tone, it has to draw in an audience for me. So I really can’t decide. Who should the artist be ? What should the topics be? I really haven’t made the decision. I might take It to Facebook and just ask the people who do they want to see. That way, when it airs, it’ll literally be the people’s choice, so hopefully they’ll tune in.

UA: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Rocky is there anything else you would like to tell your fans before your big return? Rocky: Guys, I’m really really really excited about creating this amazing platform to share with you all! I hope you all support me as the goal is to support y’all! This is not a me thing, it’s an US thing. I have big plans for my whole city. This is only the beginning.


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