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New Album Release: Ty Vegas Drops "Vegas"

T.Y Vegas is back following the success of his collaborative project "MADAGASCAR". Released alongside fellow Upstate artist Slick Fashionz "MADAGASCAR" was chosen as the Upstate Aesthetic Editors Choice Album of the Year in 2019.

Now T.Y. Vegas is back to with a solo project that is sure to excite his fans. The self titled project "Vegas" was dropped on March 1st following some hype on social media. The project is 14 tracks and spans about 40 minutes featuring guest verses from Rainy, Slick Fashionz, & Omeretta the Great.

The features do a solid job as Fashionz and Vegas have a great chemistry and both Rainy as well as Omeretta gave solid performances as well. Vegas continues to showcase the strengths he flexed on "MADAGASCAR" showing a versatile lyrical ability to change things up and keep the listener engaged with every track.

Stream "VEGAS" below and keep an eye out for an official review in the future!

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