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New Meech Booker Visuals Show an Artist on the Verge of Taking Things to the Next Level

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

On Friday January 22nd Meech Booker released his latest video, visuals to a currently unreleased track titled 'OMW'. The video directed by Director Gambino is just the latest release from Meech Booker that shows an artist with all the elements necessary to become a next level act.

The visuals match the nature of the track, not simple but nothing too complex. However it comes together in such an interesting way you're hooked from the second you see/hear what is going on. These type of tracks seem to come easy to Meech and he consistently partners with great videographers who can bring his vision to life. You can stream the video to 'OMW' below, keep up with Upstate Aesthetic for any updates on upcoming Meech Booker releases.

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