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New Dey Cal Track Featuring Anthony Kannon and Meech Booker

On Tuesday March 7th, Ithaca NY artist Dey Cal released his new track ROCKSTAR featuring Meech Booker and Anthony Kannon.

It's no surprise to see this trio work together as Meech has collaborated with Dey Cal in the past and it's rumor that Meech and Kannon might have a collaborative project in the works for this summer. It's not yet known if this track will be featured on the yet to be announced Meech/Kannon project but it absolutely has the potential to be a lead single if thats the intention. Meech bodies the hook while Dey Cal and Kannon each give memorable verses themselves. This track has the potential to be a Summer banger.

Memorable Lyrics:
You be actin like you bout it But i know you not hard. Do a line of cocaine Like a fuckin rockstar I get nervous when I see you Like a fuckin cop car

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