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Mr. McBean Releases New Track "Like That"

After teasing fans on social media for weeks Mr. McBean has finally delivered some new content. Following the drop of his snippet "Keep Bangin" many fans were awaiting the release of his upcoming collaborative track featuring Anthony Kannon. However on May 29th, 2019 McBean surprised fans on social media announcing he would be dropping a new unreleased track that night.

McBean noted that this track was not originally planned as an official release and has a different sound than what fans can expect on his upcoming project. While McBean has teased that he has a project on the way, outside of subtle hints via social media there hasn't been anything to actually confirm when the project will be released or what it is going to be named.

Until McBean begins making official announcements fans will be left to speculate. They can at least enjoy "Like That" in the meantime. Stream "Like That" below and be sure to share and support.

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