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Megan Thee Stallion with Writing Credit On Drake’s “Her Loss”

This week, Drake and 21 Savage dropped a bomb with their collaborative album Her Loss. Drake's verse on "Circo Loco," in which he appears to diss Megan Thee Stallion, is one of the project's standout moments. It sparked outrage on social media, with Houstonians and others clapping back at the Canadian superstar. Surprisingly, Megan has a writing credit on Drake's intro track for the album, "Rich Flex."

She signed under her legal name, Megan Pete, and did not appear on Drake's album. The credit is most likely due to 21 Savage's use of her song "Savage" in his verse. He raps, "I'm a savage, smack her booty in Magic, I'll slap a p***y n***a with a ratchet." 21 employs the same cadence and flow that the Stallion employed on her massive hit.

Along with Megan, Drake, and 21, two other co-writers have credit on "Rich Flex": producer J. Bobby Sessions, songwriter, and White Did It. Megan did not say whether she was contacted by their team, paid for the credit, or was otherwise involved with the song "Savage." It is, however, strange and unexpected. On the same album, not every rapper gets dissed by Drake and a shoutout from 21.

Megan, understandably, was not having any of it. Drake essentially mocked Tory Lanez for shooting her, and she called his diss tactics "lame," and her credit on Drake and 21's album was minimal when it comes to respect.

Many people came to Meg's defense and rightfully demanded an explanation and apology. "This b***h lies about getting shots, but she's still a stallion," the lines go. She doesn't even get the joke, but she's still smiling." Lil Yachty has stated that Drake's lyrics are not about the "WAP" rapper. He worked closely on the album and is close to Drake, so some people believe him. He explained that the lines were about women getting fake implants and shots.

Moreover, this isn’t the only beef that Drake has created or resurfaced on this album. He simultaneously took shots at Ye f.k.a. Kanye West, reignited a feud with Shelley f.k.a. D.R.A.M., and seemingly dissed Ice Spice.

Stay tuned to Upstate Aesthetic to see how Meg and Drake’s alleged beef resumes and whether there’s a story to the writing credit.

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