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Meech Booker Releases New Track "Tables Turn"

Meech Booker continues to showcase why he is one of the most versatile talented artists in Upstate NY. In his latest release "Tables Turn" Meech leaves it all on the table touching on a variety of real life situations the artist has dealt with. From dealing with domestic abuse in the household to suicidal thoughts Meech continues to give his fans a piece of him with every track he puts out.

Following his stellar performance on his collaborative "Blur" project with Anthony Kannon, Meech continues to see his stock rise within the Upstate Hip Hop community. Being featured on Mr McBean's latest project "Set" and continuing to perform alongside Anthony Kannon it's clear Meech has been putting the work in.

It's currently unknown if "Table's Turn" is a planned track for an upcoming release. However Meech has teased on social media that he will be moving all of his music to official streaming platforms such as Spotify and Itunes in the near future. This will include Meech taking his music off of Soundcloud leaving fans anticipating some sort of official release on streaming platforms soon.

Until then fans can stream "Tables Turn" below and make sure you stream "Blur" on all streaming platforms now!

Notable Lyrics: "And lately I been sittin thinkin what if I don't make it? Went against all of the people said I should've went to college They dont understand that you dont need a school to get the knowledge Tried to tell you that you stupid really they the fuckin problem"

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