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Meech Booker continues to show incredible versatility on latest single 'Mind Gamez'

Meech Booker has been selective with his releases since the release of his collaborative project with Anthony Kannon, 'Blur'. Since the release of that project in August of 2019 Meech has only released a handful of tracks leaving fans patiently anticipating his first full length release.

While we await the official announcement of a full length project Meech has become a bit more consistent with his releases dropping four tracks since late last year. With these releases we have seen much more versatility in Meech's music as he experiments with different aspects of his sound.

On May 18th Meech continued this trend with his latest release 'Mind Gamez'. The track is much slower than we might typically hear from Meech as he sings passionately about a love interest in the tracks only verse paired in between two relatively short hooks. 'Mind Gamez' is a great song that shows another side of Meech Booker than consumers have yet to hear. The track feels like it fits well in the scope of a full length project and hopefully this is a sign of things yet to come. You can stream 'Mind Gamez' below and be sure to stay updated with Upstate Aesthetic on any news regarding upcoming Meech Booker releases.

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