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Meech Booker - 4evr? Review

Solid EP for a short soundcloud release. Meech has consistently been one of my favorite artists so I was excited when this first dropped last September. There are a few tracks I still go back to on this one, and only one that I really don't care for at all so definitely worth taking the time to check out and see what you like for yourself!

4Ever Gurl - not a bad intro, relatively simple production with a decent beat and light 808s as Meech sings about his current love interest

Diva - Another decent track, this one hits a little harder the first few times you hear it, after a few listens it's not as much of a standout but still another solid Meech track.

Old Friends - My favorite track on this short EP, it has a lot of early "BLUR" vibes to it. Meech goes back and forth on whether or not it's worth making things work with someone who thinks they're too good for the relationship now.

One Time - This track is the slowest on a project full of relatively slow tracks. While it's a decent way to close out the project the song and the content with this one just do nothing for me.

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