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MBK Richy joins The Cypher for an Interview

This Wednesday September 9th, MBK Richy sat down with the hosts of the Cypher Andrew Cazer, Anthony Kannon, and Sheridan for an exciting conversation. They covered many different hip-hop related topics before discussing Richy's upcoming EP "Throwaways 1.5".

All of the hosts got an early listen to the EP and had nothing but positive reviews for the project. The group discussed the reason for Richy's "Principles" album being delayed, any tracks from "Principles" that were tossed on this EP, a potential upcoming collaborative EP with MBK Dot, and much more. Tune in to our interview with Richy below and be sure to pre save "Throwaways 1.5" today. Check the Upstate Aesthetic youtube page for the full conversation with MBK Richy and for new episodes of The Cypher.

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