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Matthew Cornwell Previews New Music on Facebook Live

Late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning on April 9th, Matthew Cornwell gave a few lucky listeners a sneak peak at what he's currently working on. During an impromptu Facebook Live stream Cornwell began by working on the tracking for a song set for his upcoming project. During a break from tracking he began teasing the viewers with a couple of tracks slated for his future release. The upcoming project is currently untitled and doesn't have a release date but it looks like Cornwell is on pace to have some new music released to his listeners soon. During the hour and a half live stream Cornwell streamed a variety of different sounding tracks some expected for an official release and a few others just to showcase some ideas he has been toying with. Some of the tracks that Cornwell played that are slated for his next official release include, "Farenheit", "Groovy", "YKTV" and "One U Want". All of these tracks are unique in their own way but also share the same central vibe that Cornwell hopes to convey with his next project. While not totally a concept album Cornwell noted on the live stream that he hopes to create a full length project that listeners will be excited to listen to front to back. This live stream didn't just center around music Cornwell also took the time to discuss the ongoing coronavirus situation with his viewers and check in on their mental health. Providing an outlet for his viewers to discuss the hardships they're facing while also opening himself up to conversations to help others in the future. Taking the time to not just provide a source of entertainment for his viewers but also a sense of comfort while viewing as well. Cornwell discussed his intentions during the stream to continue doing something of the sort to help stay in touch with his listeners during this difficult time. While no official time has currently been if you find the time to catch the next Facebook live stream from Cornwell be sure to tune in as the music and conversation provide an entertaining time for all involved. stream Cornwell's latest track "Catch Your Eye" below and stay connected with Upstate Aesthetic for all updates on Matthew Cornwell's currently untitled upcoming release.

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