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Matthew Cornwell Drops New Interlude "Doves Cry"

On Monday August 31st the prolific Matthew Cornwell released his latest track, "Doves Cry" to social media. The short interlude serves as a teaser of what Cornwell has planned for the near future, confirming to Upstate Aesthetic that there is plenty more on the horizon for fans of the talented artist to get excited about.

"Doves Cry" is a quick look into another side of Cornwell than fans might be accustomed to, but when he goes into this genre bending hip-hop/rnb bag he constantly delivers. It remains to be seen if his next project will feature more content like this or if we will see more of the Matthew Cornwell we are used to. Regardless, "Doves Cry" is a great sample that leaves the listener eagerly anticipating more.

Tune in to "Doves Cry" below and stay up to date with Upstate Aesthetic for all upcoming Matthew Cornwell news.

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