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Leo Robins Drops New Single off Upcoming Project 'Hungry and Humble'

Leo Robins a rising artist out of Syracuse recently released his latest single ‘Valentine’. The 23 year old artist who has been recording music for five years is currently working on a project titled ‘Hungry and Humble.’ Following the success of his recent releases ‘Trauma’ and ‘Party’ Robins released ‘Valentine’ to Soundcloud on March 31st.

Shortly after the Soundcloud release Robins released the track to Spotify and other streaming services. ‘Valentine’ is an emotional song in which Robins explains the struggles he has been dealing with alone and his difficulty in confiding those feelings with a former love interest.

Quotable Lyrics

‘Feelin my life in ruins Wish that I would’ve knew then You was playin pretend We was more than just friends Sorry you gotta go, baby it gotta end

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