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Kory Alexander Speaks on Moving to L.A. during Pandemic and more on More than Music

More than Music is an interview podcast series put together for Upstate Aesthetic and Black Hills State University. The show is hosted by Andrew Cazer a full time Mass Communications student at BHSU and the owner of Upstate Aesthetic.

This week we were joined by none other than Kory Alexander. Kory discussed his time living in Upstate NY and how he got involved in making music. Kory also discussed moving from Albany to L.A. in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. Looking back on a not so fond time, with a much brighter outlook.

Kory and Andrew also discuss their thoughts on music, how it is released and a number of other topics relating to music and more. Stream the episode below and be sure to leave a comment to let us know what we can do to improve the series!

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