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J.J. Wølfe Drops Four New Tracks This Week

On Monday May 6th, J.J. Wølfe took to social media to let his fans know that the next week would be dubbed 'Wølfe Week'. Beginning Monday he planned to drop a new track everyday starting with the track 'Aye Aye'.

Memorable Lyrics:

And I just messed up I let the demons out the lobby I dont know why they try But they will never ever top me

On Tuesday May 7th he dropped the much anticipated "Changes Pt. 2" a self produced track that has a much more serious tone than the previous 'Aye Aye' track.

Memorable Lyrics:

You move out then you move in to yourself and then you glow up You either self destruct or you gon blow up I can't fold i'm too tough

On Wednesday May 8th Wolfe released the single "Hellø Birdie". Wolfe flexes his lyrical ability all over this track.

Memorable Lyrics:

I dont want drama I just want the moolah Rather buy a house I don't care bout your jewler You little dummies talkin tough to computers

While there wasn't a release on Thursday Wolfe more than made up for it on Friday when he released the final track of 'Wølfe Week' "Thrøw It, Buss It". An upbeat track that is sure to make waves at the parties this summer.

Memorable Lyrics:

I be pullin up im swervin switchin gears Pull up and you know that im about it, im bout it Hundred round drum get to poppin like a molly
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