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J.J. Wølfe Back with A Hit, 'Arms' Dropping January 29th

If you've been paying attention you know J.J. Wølfe just dropped a project that had many discussing the young artists growth. Despite the positive reception it's clear J.J. has not slowed down with his creative process at all as he plans to release his latest single 'Arms' on January 29th.

The track was first previewed on the latest competition episode of The Cypher with J.J. placing within the top 20 and having his track played during the live. The track is another signal of J.J.'s growth as an artist and a clear sign he is moving in the right direction. If he continues to work at this quality while continuing the pace he released music in 2019 as he alluded to on social media then 2021 will be a very promising year for him. Be sure to stream 'Arms' when it releases officialy on January 29th.

You can stream J.J's latest release 'Søuthside Steppa Vøl. 1' below and be sure to keep updated with all the latest in upstate hip-hop news by following Upstate Aesthetic on social media!

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