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“Henny & Coke” The Latest Single from Anthony Kannon's Spring Cleaning Series

Anthony Kannon had been promising fans he had plenty of new music lined up for them and over the last few months he has certainly delivered. With his spring cleaning series Anthony Kannon has now released a variety of great tracks to his patient fans during a different time for people everywhere.

Kannon continued his Spring Cleaning series with his latest release “Henny & Coke” a fast paced catchy track that serves as another example of Kannon’s versatility. Over the last year Kannon has showcased that he isn't simply a single faceted rapper but instead a super versatile artist overall. The spring cleaning series has been a great showcase of what Kannon is capable of as a creator.

Despite the consistency of Spring Cleaning, Kannon's work rate is greatly outpacing his current release schedule. Therefore fans should expect a more lengthy release in the somewhat near future but in the meantime can continue enjoying a new track from Kannon every two weeks.

Stream “Henny & Coke” below and stay posted with Upstate Aesthetic for any updates on Kannon’s upcoming releases.

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