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Get Ready 4 Takeoff: Takeoff Snacks Grand Opening in Binghamton This Friday, July 1st

Let the exotic snacking commence. Tomorrow, July 1st Takeoff Snacks will open their doors to the public for the first time. The Exotic Snack shop promises to provide customers with a wide variety of exotic flavors from across the world. Everything from chips to soda they have plenty of snacks from other countries and some that are just hard to get. After plenty of anticipation the grand opening will happen on July 1st at 3pm. The store is located on 64 Chenango St. in Binghamton NY.

If you're not familiar with the exotic snack game now is your chance to expand your palette and try out some exotic new flavors. Exotic snack shops have been opening across the country as consumers look to level up their snacking experience.

Long gone are the days of a simple bag of Doritos after a nice smoke session. Now consumers are looking to follow in the footsteps of famous musicians like Migo's artist Offset who is well known for his exotic snack tastes. Offset and many other artists are well known for buying out entire stocks of exotic cereals and sodas that are extremely hard to get and showing them off on their social media profiles. Now locals have the chance at the same experience thanks to Takeoff Snacks!

These snacks are sure to fly off the shelves as people are able to get their hands on something new and unique so get there early if you want a choice at the best selection. You can stop by 64 Chenango Street in Binghamton, NY on July 1st at 3PM to see what all the hype is about. You wont be disappointed!

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