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From Brooklyn to Binghamton: The story of 'Baghead' clothing owner Aj Freeman

AJ Freeman is a designer and model born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He spent a majority of his youth experiencing life in Brooklyn before moving to Binghamton NY in the Summer of 2011. While in Brooklyn Freeman spent his time living with his grandparents something he chose to do on his own.

“I loved them so much that they agreed to raise me until I wanted to go with my mom sisters and little brother . My grandparents raised me with wisdom and character so I already knew who I was coming to Binghamton high school” Freeman was never a problem for his grandparents. Quite the opposite. He was a well behaved student who had a genuine niceness about him that made many appreciate his friendship growing up.

“I was always that model cool kid in school . I seemed to attract a lot of people with my kind attitude and joyous outlook on life”

Freeman developed this cool personality not by looking up to any one person in particular. Instead Freeman looked to the people who were well liked and asked himself what it was about these people that made them so popular. He didn’t have a desire to be those people in particular, but he did have an appreciation for their popularity. “There was no one in particular I looked up to . I have always been drawn naturally to cool people . I looked up to people who everyone liked and wondered why everyone like them . I wanted that for my life . And it has been that way so far”

Freeman left Brooklyn at the age of thirteen and moved to Binghamton NY. Freeman was in search of something different for his life. Living with his grandparents in Brooklyn was never a problem but a life in Binghamton presented more opportunity for him to be relaxed and have fun.

“...I wanted something different. And BHS was definitely that . I felt like I had more freedom out here it was so much more calm than Brooklyn and fun .”

Freeman’s transition to life in Binghamton was not a difficult one. His kind personality and his cool attitude made it easy for him to find friends and fit in after moving to Binghamton.

“It was like overnight I became friends with the coolest kids in Binghamton . Some of us branched off in our own group that we Later named “LAM3” throughout high school . From 9th to 12th grade we were well known for our ability to always be stylish and we almost all had the same way of dress so we looked similar to one another but we each had individuality. We took BHS by storm and started to add new members to our style group .”

Freeman’s popularity throughout his High School years is unquestionable. He was homecoming king and student body president for two consecutive years, something he nearly forgot he signed up for.

“ was really something spontaneous when I first heard about people running for student body president. I thought i would definitely have a fair shot at winning and it was something I always seen in movies. While my competitors made posters I was just being myself . I had one poster that my sister made me make. She’s like you got to have at least one . I was not in it to win it at this point I had almost forgot about it , until I heard my name on the loudspeaker in gym class one day and they announced I was the student body president” Despite his lack of effort initially Freeman still took pride in his position. He knew being the student body president came with great responsibility as well as an opportunity to be remembered by your class long after high school.

“I used my platform to make the class of 2k15 litt of course. I knew with that came great responsibility. So I threw some of the schools most litt parties for goin on two years . When I graduated I gave the commencement speech at my graduation and blessed the class with a final farewell . That’s legacy”

Freeman attended college for a year after finishing up at Binghamton High School but like many students his age he didn’t find what he was looking for while attending college.

“I attended SUNY broome for a year and studied public speaking which was pointless because it was something I was already good at”

Freeman is an extremely talented and creative young mind. He is a creative artist who has modeled for brands such as Entree Ls and Jimmy Jazz. His interests in creating and designing stem from a desire to create something people can enjoy. Something he feels strongly about. “...that ultimately means something greater . I enjoy styling myself and creating dope streetwear looks .I’ve modeled for brands such as Entree.Ls , Jimmy Jazz , nautice &pink dolphin. While modeling for other brands was phone I knew I had an Idea for my own brand in mind . Dressing and being fly was always something I loved to do and it felt organic. So I came up with this dope idea that incorporates people being individuals and visuals that make technology and godliness coincide.”

Following Freeman’s departure from SUNY Broome he took some time to figure out what his next step was. He knew he had major interests in designing and modeling but knew he had to find something he was truly passionate about.

“After that I knew I had to dig deep to find something I truly loved to do and that could be profitable and that was starting my own clothing brand called ‘Baghead’.”

Freeman created ‘Baghead’ a clothing company with a vision that he created and he believes in. “A company that some day will be responsible for bringing people together”

Check out Baghead clothing by clicking the banner below and join us next week for part two of our feature covering Baghead owner AJ Freeman!

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