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First listen review: Matthew Cornwell - Groovy

Following a rather quiet 2020 only releasing two tracks 'One u Want' and 'Pink Lemonade' Matthew Cornwell is back with his latest single 'Groovy'.

The track is just that a groovy laid back song that does a great job setting a vibe while showcasing a deeper artistic presence from him as well. Cornwell did some different stuff with this one, letting the beat rock in the middle of the song to allow that somber vibe to set in before jumping back in with the hook was a nice touch.

Near the end of the track the song transitions into another beat which may be a hint at what we may see next from Cornwell or that this track is part of a larger project that is yet to be released. Matthew has teased an upcoming release however has not given a specific date or track-list for that release yet. The end could also just be an artistic element Cornwell decided to add to the track but regardless it fits well and makes the listener think which is always a good thing.

Overall this track is nice because while it's only one track you get so much from it as a listener and I imagine i'll get even more from it as I listen to it more in the coming days and weeks. While I get a laid back vibe from it throughout the track Matthew floats and gives a variety of sounds that keep the listeners attention throughout the four minute and twenty second track. It is a testament to Matthew's ability to engage listeners for that long in age of immediate satisfaction in a tik-tok engaged world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Turn the red light on lets get shooting

And Tony your Soprano in a movie

Drop me one and burn me up a loosey

Cuz Babygirl i'm tryna get groovy

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