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Featured Artist Vol. 3: Wanblvd

Updated: May 14, 2019

WanBlvd is a Hip Hop artist who was born in Brooklyn but raised in Queens, NY. Best known for his tracks “Espy” and “Designer Lil Baby”. Wanblvd’s popularity continues to grow in 2019. Even being featured as part of a Sprite sponsored social media promotion #SpriteWay. He plans to release his debut project “Wan vs. BLVD” on May 19th. Before the release of that project we caught up with Wanblvd to discuss his upcoming album as well as what it was like growing up in Jamaica Queens. “Spent most of my time time in southside Jamaica queens with my friends. I can honestly said my up bring wasn't different from any other kid from the jungle, ups and downs time 10. I'm thankful for the lessons I learned roaming the streets and under my mother and fathers roof. The biggest challenge was secure my mothers happiness as she fought cancer, I replay the night we found out everyday its something that changed my life and turned me into who I am” Wanblvd was influenced by both parents as he grew up with music always playing in the household he appreciated his father’s talents but it wasn’t until later he realized the influence his father would have as well.

“Always had music in my household my father was a musical genius with the trumpet in his hand but I honestly never thought it was for me, I was gonna be a football star in my eyes”

With football dreams in his sights Wanblvd began playing football in college. However despite his talents and opportunities he no longer believes that is the path he was destined for. “I played four years of college at Utica college upstate, broke records and had the opportunity to play with guys from D1A in all star games but in the end God had a different path for me,” It was the influence of a close friend who Wanblvd views as family that pushed him to step outside the box and inside the booth.

Wanblvd with his producer K Twist

“I thank my brother, well my best friend but my brother is what I call him cause we so close, Rich Vocals. He was the one who brought me into the studio and from that point it was help from my friends like wavve, biggs, cisse, unruly, malibu, Nate, stretch, Day and most importantly, k twist my producer, who really help shape me into what I am today musically and I wrote their names out cause I owe them a ton of credit”

Coming from a football background Wanblvd saw a lot of support from the people who saw he could work hard. However he also noticed many expecting him to quit early but over time he’s even seen the haters start to take notice. “A lot people loved me as the football player but loved me as a person more and they road for me even with the transition … some were like oh he just tryna be like everyone else or he will quit in a couple of months but I feel like im at the point where people are like dam he might just make this all work” Wanblvd’s upbeat personality along with his work ethic and talent have helped him see success in a short amount of time. Now after a year and a half of really focusing on music Wanblvd is able to reflect on his growth.

“It's been amazing last summer ESPY WAS ONLY MY 3 SONG OUT LMAO and it had 50k I was like oh shit! Then putting so much work into DLB WHEN IT DROPPED. It was amazing to see it payoff now at 70k+ and still going its amazing.” Despite doing good numbers for a little known independent artist on a streaming platform Wanblvd still appreciates the interaction with those who tune into his music the most.

“I think the biggest joy is when I look in my request on ig so many different people who don't know me are hitting me up asking either to work with me or just stop by to say they love my music and for me that is legit everything”

Wanblvd is not only a creative musician he has utilized his platform on Instagram to produce a short vlog series for Instagram recapping the creation of his recent songs. Along with a close friend Wanblvd took an idea he had and made it into a reality to help give fans an insight on his work.

“Me and unruly aka Jayson my other brother from another Moma … we were like yo I want people to really understand why im doing certain things I want them to see what we were thinking about when we produced it and boom we thought about vloging everything”

Wanblvd also had the opportunity to open for Bryce Vine at Utica College on March 23rd. Vine is well known for his hit song “Drew Barrymore”. This was a great opportunity for Wanblvd to gain experience and exposure in front of a large crowd.

“The show was a strong concert for my alumni Utica college and it was honor that they respected my music career enough to put me on a stage so big in front of so many people. It was amazing and a moment I won't ever forget” Despite performing shows and working on a vlog series Wanblvd has been consistently working on his debut project set to release in less than a week on May 19th.

“I will be dropping wan vs Blvd and its a show and tell kinda of feel I want people to see how much I have elevated my musical ability and how creative I can be”

Wan vs. Blvd is set to release on May 19th but on March 14th Wanblvd released a track titled “Chances.” Unlike his previous single “Designer Lil Baby” this track didn’t receive as much promotion however Wanblvd has confirmed it’s inclusion on his upcoming project.

“It's funny that song just came to me after doing a feat for my bro Quez he had me in my bag thinking about the struggle and boom chances came out, funny thing is I haven't told anyone its been out its something I threw up their for sprite but it will be on wanvsblvd” Stream the single “Chances.” off the upcoming project “Wan vs. Blvd” below and keep an eye out for Wanblvd’s debut project set to release on Sunday May 19th.


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