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Featured Artist Vol. 2 Part 2: Bellevue

Last week on our featured artist series we had a discussion with Syracuse artist Isaiah Jordan. Shortly after our interview Isaiah Jordan officially returned from his hiatus from rap under a new moniker ‘Bellevue’. This week as a continuation of our featured artist series we have a follow up interview with Bellevue detailing this rebrand.

The name Isaiah Jordan was never intended to be a permanent name but was instead a placeholder for Bellevue as he worked on some song writing opportunities presented to him at the time. When these opportunities fell through Bellevue saw the potential behind the tracks he had created and decided to release them himself. “I honestly gave up on music completely sometime in 2018 but was offered songwriting placement for artists like A Boogie and Austin Awake, so I came up with Isaiah Jordan as a temporary name. The placements were never followed through and I was left with Wylin, Bag, and Finish Last and decided to just release them as singles under the name Isaiah Jordan.” After some success with these tracks and with Jordan now ready to take music seriously he decided it was time to develop a more permanent name for himself.

“Now taking music 100% serious and starting my label WunLuv I’ve been wanting to have an artist name and finally decided on Bellevue”

Re branding isn’t something new to Bellevue either. As mentioned last week he had released music while still in school under the name Isaiah Moon but transitioned to Isaiah Jordan in 2018. When asked if he was worried about rebranding again Bellevue seemed unphased about any potential negative effects.

“I’ve seen artists like D Pryde change names multiples times after quite a bit of internet success. I’m earlier in my career than I realize and the music will bring listeners in ultimately.”

The decision to choose a permanent name was something Bellevue took seriously. The end result was a name of meaning and value for the artist.

“Bellevue is the street I really grew up on. First gang related experience, the first set of friends that I still call brothers today, shit my virginity still somewhere on Bellevue. It holds too much value and that’s exactly what I want in a name I plan to carry with me forever.” For many the street that they grow up on holds meaning that lasts a lifetime. For Bellevue this is no different and is exactly why the name of his old stomping grounds became a definition for his future to come.

“It means everything to me. It’s my childhood, my memories, and it’s what molded me into who I am despite hiding that in my music. It’s a reminder of who I am and will always be no matter how successful I become.”

After months of teasing a return to music and even dropping some hints during our previous interview Bellevue finally released new music. He dropped a three track EP titled ‘Bad Guy’ as well as a loosey titled ‘Side Nigga Interlude’. A handful of quality tracks to hold the fans over as he continues to make a name for himself.

“Those were 1 takes from various album sessions that myself and the team knew weren’t huge songs. Ultimately the goal was to have more content under the name Bellevue and what better way than a short project and a single.”

Releasing this content was just the beginning. Last week there was lots of talk of a hiatus for Bellevue. Now that hiatus is officially done and the artist is ready to get right back to work. Despite the quality of the ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘Side Nigga Interlude’ Bellevue assures us that is just a sample of what is yet to come. “Hiatus is over, I’m actually featured on quite a bit of songs that’ll be dropping this year. I don’t want to give out too much information but the team is ready, I’m ready, and I hope the world is ready. The EP however holds no weight compared to what’s to come as those were songs recorded towards the end of 2018 and were intended to be pitched to other artists.”

Coming off this EP Bellevue plans to try and reconnect with his fan base and give them a look into who he is as a person as well as an artist. He plans to continue promoting ‘Bad Guy’ alongside his singles ‘Side Nigga Interlude’ and his popular single ‘Blossom Hill’. Going into the summer there are plans to release new video content but currently Bellevue is looking to take it slow and steady and reemerge as a force in the Syracuse music scene. “At this time I want my audience to fall in love with my personality again and get to know me so more interviews will definitely be conducted. Blossom Hill will be a big focus still and I definitely plan to release some new visuals this summer. Overall I’ve learned patience is one of the keys to success that my mentor preaches and with 2 Grammys it’s hard not to listen to him.” While patience is something Bellevue plans to live by with a child on the way he knows that no time can be wasted while waiting for the right opportunity. Becoming a father is something Bellevue isn’t taking lightly but knows going forward it will be a driving force to push him even harder to grow as an artist.

“It’s huge. I understand I have to be more calculated with what I invest in because time is more precious to me than money, however if you take the time to make the right moves the money will come faster. The phrase “work smarter not harder” is definitely something I’ve been living by this year.”

Check out Bellevues latest project 'Bad Guy' below.

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